About Us

For Kids & Adults

A fun Place

As parents, fun activities that allow both the children and their parent(s) to spend quality time together, and at an affordable price isn’t always an easy find.

It wasn’t until we attended an adult paint event that we thought it would be a great idea for us to create something like this for kids and parents to enjoy the opportunity to use art as the outlet to spark their creativity and spend the time together. We carefully crafted an environment with music, decor, lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for the experience to take place.

We hope once you attend one of our events, you will love it as much as we do!

Our Team Loves Art!

Our Art Instructors love what they do!

Our PopArt instructors are carefully chosen and hired based on their artistic ability but also on their personality and on their people’s skills. All of our artists share the passion of art and want to share it with all of our guests that join our studio.

Quality time, a fun time.

PopArts – The perfect experience to share with your children!

Realizing that now-a-days it is so difficult to compete with iPhones and iPads, we wanted to engineer an experience where our children could participate in an event and use their minds, their creativity, their motor skills, and their imagination. We also wanted to make this experience be a shared one so that as parents we can spend that time with them, and together share the moment.

Fun Time 100%
Creativity & Imagination 100%
Conveniently Located 100%
Affordable & Great Value 100%