We want to help ♥️

PopArts is a Local Calgary based company that prides itself in not only being part of the community but helping the community if we can. Whatever your worthwhile cause may be, we want to help!


  • The use of our studio space for up to three hours
  • Instructors, and step by step paint instruction
  • All supplies needed for each guest to create a canvas painting
  • Your choice of painting


  • The guests and people invited to your fundraisers will be people who you have reached out to and invited them to attend and help raise funds and/or awareness for your event. You are responsible for marketing, and collecting the money for the event!
  • Any food or beverages you would like to provide to your guests.


You collect the money and we will set a fixed price per guest ( we will do our best to work out a price that helps your cause) You get to keep the difference between the price you sold the ticket for, and the price we agreed to bill you. 

As an example, if u sell a ticket for *$50 and we charge you *$20 then you will have made *$30 per ticket.

*The numbers are an illustration for this purpose and not actual numbers.*

Book your event date

Invite your guests, grow awareness for your cause

Raise funds while having fun

Get in touch:
(403) 907-0746