Fun For The Entire Family + Amazing Birthday Parties

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Fun for the entire Family!

PopArts - The perfect experience to share with your children!

Realizing that now-a-days it is so difficult to compete with iPhones and iPads, we wanted to engineer an experience where our children could participate in an event and use their minds, their creativity, their motor skills, and their imagination. We also wanted to make this experience be a shared one so that as parents we can spend that time with them, and together share the moment.

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So many times, we are stuck with no real ideas as to what to do with our children. Going to the mall, maybe the movies, swimming, the park, the ideas are endless but what about an activity where the 2 of you can actually something together. An activity where both are challenged, and where both are solely engaged at the activity at hand. No distractions, no smartphones, just you, your child and your masterpiece waiting for you to sign your name and take home to be displayed as both a beautiful piece of art but also as a memory that both you and your child crafted together.

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